Services We Offer

Since its inception in 2013 in Perth, Kenya Australia Chamber of Commerce, KACC, personnel have been in the fore front advocating for pro-business policies that help create jobs and grow economies for our members in Kenya and Australia.


KACC offer consulting services to our chamber members to assist them in preparation of constituent instruments/documents that enable them to register their business enterprises. We properly guide, advice and facilitate the whole process of business establishment of our members in their chosen location. We organise meetings, conferences, workshops, and seminars to provide members with fora for exchange of views and experiences.

Events and Marketing

We organize trade exhibitions, webinars and industrial affairs, which gives our members and interested parties one on one interaction with clients and potential clients. These exclusive events help our members to form strong strategic partnerships that are beneficial to them and the Chamber. We strive to raise the profiles of our members in Kenya and Australia.


KACC is pro-active in advocating for government measures that will enhance members’ competitiveness on the domestic and international front at local, national and international levels. We are re-active in providing feed-back to government on the impact of government policies/legislations affecting business operations locally, nationally and internationally. We lobby for introduction and fine tuning of policies and legislations that enhance members’ competitiveness. We conduct research and lobby for the best for our members in regard to government’s employment policy relating to ‘imported’ labour, bilateral trade agreements, government taxes and levies or developing export financial/assistance schemes, etc.


The chamber, though its various activities aims to promote good governance of various business by promoting and providing plans and implementing various programs such as government liaison program and the Board awareness program.

We ensure that both the chamber and its members are self-sustaining and financially capable of running their operations. This is done by seeking various sponsorships and funding ideas and projects.


We hold regular dialogues with governments to advocate, provide feedback on, and help fine-tune policies and legislations affecting business practices. We provide professional advice to statutory boards and government committees to help formulate policy guidelines and set standards that will enhance business climate and members’ competitiveness.


We forge strategic alliances with local and foreign business organizations to establish and develop mutually beneficial relationships via Memoranda of Understanding, Joint Consultative Committees, etc. We have a strong working relationship with a network of Chambers of Commerce, government organizations and agencies, individuals, local and foreign business organizations, trade associations, universities, training institutions, and high commissions and with them we forge the best for our members. We provide leadership to co-ordinate members’ efforts to trouble-shoot, address, and solve common problems/issues affecting business operations. KACC provides networking opportunities for its members through, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, webinars and social functions.

Membership Development

We build up a membership base through recruitment of new members and retention of existing ones. This is achieved by:

  • Sustaining members’ interest by offering quality services, enhancing membership status and privileges
  • Encouraging co-operation and fraternity amongst members by organizing social events.
  • Increase membership benefits and engagement by providing updated membership packages
  • Provision of a premium rewards and recognition program informed by the government and various stakeholders.
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We provide relevant business information to members such as information on business opportunities, technological advancements, government rules and regulations, etc. We conduct market surveys and economic research and circulate findings to members through newsletters, economic bulletins, general membership circulars or IT tools. We build capacity within businesses to embrace the digital economy by developing and running digital workshops, building a robust member network platform. We identify and promote digital platforms that promote bilateral trade and opportunities.

Trade and Business Development

We publish an online a directory of members, their businesses and capabilities. We process trade enquiries. We operate a business matching center to provide services such as:

  • Arranging buyer-seller meetings
  • Providing facilities and secretarial services for meetings between trade visitors and members

We identify trade and investment opportunities and help members maximize these through:

  • Organizing trade and investment missions
  • Arranging meetings between members and visiting trade and investment missions
  • Organizing trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Coordinating members’ participation in trade shows

Special Export Services

KACC manages some documents and procedures important for international trade to assist our members in export and import goods of such as:

ATA Carnets

that allows the temporary export and import of goods free of customs duties between 78 countries and custom territories in order to be exhibited in fairs or expositions and also to be repaired.

Certificates of Origin

Attest the origin of specific products and vital to apply customs regulations in each country.

Chambers Trust

is a standardized chamber tool (a seal for the corporate website) designed to deal with online trust, confidence and lack of exposure, issues that SMEs face when they enter the global electronic marketplace.

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