Company Overview

Celebrating 8 Years of Successfully Connecting People and Promoting Business and Trade between Kenya and Australia

Kenya Australia Chamber of Commerce (KACC), is a bilateral chamber of commerce which was founded in 2013 in Perth, Western Australia. It was launched by the former Australian High Commissioner to Kenya, H.E. Geoff Tooth. KACC has operational offices in Kenya and Australia. We have a strong working relationship with other chambers, businesses, governments, diplomatic missions, federations of industry and commerce, consulates and multilateral corporate groups that promote bilateral trade between Kenya and Australia.

KACC is an independent institution that represents individuals and companies of different sizes across every sector of economy whose aim is to advance trade and business between Kenya and Australia. As a Bilateral chamber of commerce, we act as a bridge to our members in Kenya and Australia saving them valuable time and money: by offering practical services, access to a wide range of events linking the two business environments and access to a local network of trusted partners and contacts in  different market sectors.

We promote, develop and further the economic well-being of our members by providing a collective voice in advocacy to represent and protect members’ interests and provide quality services to help members enhance their competitiveness and succeed in their businesses.

KACC promotes business opportunities but is not limited to banking and finance, energy and mining, building and construction, agriculture, manufacturing, natural resources, or  infrastructure and environment. In the spirit of multilateralism, we have perpetually played a vital part in the political, economic, commercial and cultural interests of Kenyan and Australian people.

We endeavor through calculated efforts and informed decisions to deliver our mission and vision to our members and enhance effective business and trade relations between Australia and Kenya.

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At KACC, we are driven by a mission to unlock the vast potential for business and cultural exchange between Kenya and Australia. We strive to create a platform where entrepreneurs, businesses, and professionals from both countries can interact, share ideas, and forge partnerships that not only thrive but also contribute to the prosperity of our communities.


To facilitate and establish effective and thriving commercial relationship between Australia and Kenya.

Our Objectives

Celebrating 8 Years of Successfully Connecting People and Promoting Business and Trade between Kenya and Australia

  • Promote bilateral trade and investment, primarily between Kenya and Australia.
  • Provision of information on trade and business activities to its members.
  • To interpret and present the point of view of Australian commercial interests to the Kenya business public and to lend all practical assistance to Australian businesses seeking to enter the Kenyan market, or wishing to develop their activities in the Kenya.
  • To interpret and present the point of view of Kenyan commercial interests to the Australian business public and to lend all practical assistance to Kenyan business seeking to enter Australian market, or wishing to develop their activities in Kenya.
  • To endorse the standing of our members in the local business and international communities.
  • To develop a broad range of community-oriented programs – directed toward students, labour unions, consumers and politicians – to encourage a better understanding of the role of business in a competitive market system, and to contribute in a positive way to the community at large.
  • To Increase awareness of opportunities in for Australian businesses in Kenya and for Kenyan businesses in Australia.
  • Provide a network for existing players and newcomers to Australia-Kenya markets, to share information and experience and develop business contacts.
  • Generate awareness of the capabilities and experience of our members.
  • Develop positions on issues affecting our members, from trade, tax and industry standards. Through these positions, we can advocate for our members to the respective Kenyan and Australian Governments.

Our Core Values

We understand that leadership is critical for relations and business to thrive. We understand that leadership is not about titles, seniority, personal attributes nor management, but influence. As a team we focus on being adaptable, innovative, pro-active, and visionary for us to deliver satisfactory world class services to our members.

We adhere to moral and ethical principles without compromise. We ensure honesty and respect in our business dealings. We are responsible, keep our promises, and with humility deliver our services to the members.

Our engagements with our clients, sponsors, partners, affiliates, and with each other are professional and guided by expertise knowledge that have over the years generated trust with our communities.

We understand how tough the business environment can be. We don’t shy away, with courage, dedication guided by unity we tenaciously represent our members interest.

We endeavor to create vibrant business communities locally and internationally through leveraging networks, technology and effective communication to unify business and trade for a better world.

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